Android Session #5

About this event

It's that time of the year again 🎄

Become a part of once-a-year Android Study Jams 📱 by GDSC, IIIT Hyderabad and bring home some incredible skills and certifications 😎

What are the requirements?

✅ Prior foundational experience in any programming language 👨‍💻

✅ Will to learn and a good enough laptop to run Android Studio 😅

✅ Anyone from any college can participate 🏢

What's in for you?

✨ Live coding sessions to learn Android Development using Kotlin

✨ Build some stunning projects to apply the knowledge

✨ Earn badges on public Google Developer Profile to showcase

✨ Certificate from GDSC, IIIT Hyderabad

Excited 🤩? Register from the link ( and start your journey 🛫

For any queries, contact none other than the Facilitator of Android Study Jam, Sanchit Arora (