Android Study Jam Induction Session

Explore the world of Android with your peers.

Dec 1, 2021, 1:30 – 3:00 PM



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About this event

Android Study Jam 2021 is for all Android fans to move forward in (or even begin) their exciting journey of being Android Developers. Android Basics is a series of sessions focused specifically on learning how to build Android Apps without prior Android experience.

This is an induction event for Android Study Jams where we will be discussing how to get the output of your coded app directly to your connected Android device, setting up Android Studio and device for development and various Android Studio development tools.

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Last of date of registration is 1st Dec 2021.

Perks of enrolling -

1. Learn to build apps from the scratch with a self-paced course

2. Learn/polish your Kotlin programming skills

3. Build a great network with the peers and mentors

4. Receive an Android certificate from Google Developers

5. Become eligible for the Associate Android Developer certificate

6. Best app will be rewarded.

Program timeline November 29th, 2021- January 10th, 2022

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Looking forward to seeing you all there at the event 😊


  • Neha Jha

    IIIT Bhubaneswar

    Android Study Jam Facilitator | GDSC Lead


  • Abhipsha Dash

    GDSC Lead

  • Anirudh parida

    Native App Dev Facilitator

  • Pratik Ranjan Sau

    Cross Platform App Dev Facilitator

  • Sanchita Sahay

    Cloud Facilitator

  • Swapneel Das

    Web Dev Facilitator

  • Sipra Mohanty

    Creative and Management Lead

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