Python with Space Applications

GDSC ITER collabs with SOA ACM chapter

About this event

SOA ACM Student Chapter is going to organize two days free workshop on "Python with Space Applications" during 3rd and 4th January, 2022 (Time: 4-5:30pm) in collaboration with Spaceonova®.

The event is supported by Centre for Data Science (CDS), and Google Developer Student Club-ITER.

Objective: This event is being organized to equip students with the essential programming skills to perform independent research as well as hands-on experience with space applications. This workshop provides a unique and exciting opportunity for the space enthusiasts to make a career in the space industry. Leading space agencies like NASA, ESA, and ROSCOSMOS are providing various job opportunities for Aerospace Engineers, Computational Astronomers, Data Analysts, and Systems Engineer etc.

Information: The event will be open for all students enrolled in any branch or year of study in ITER.

Interested students can register for it by 2nd January, 2022 (5pm).

Register Here:


  • Manisha Parichha

    Manisha Parichha

    Institute Of Technical Education and Research (SOA University)

    GDSC Lead

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  • Aditya Prakash

    Aditya Prakash

    Institute of Technical Education and Research (SOA University)

    Operations Lead

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  • Aditya Arpan Sahoo

    Aditya Arpan Sahoo


    Public Relations Lead

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  • Ankita Sahu

    Ankita Sahu

    ITER,Siksha 'o' Anusandhan University

    Design and Media Lead

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  • Sourav Bera

    Sourav Bera

    Institute Of Technical Education And Research, Bhubaneswar

    AI/ML Lead (Technical Lead-1)

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  • Milind Jha

    Milind Jha

    Coding Lead(Technical Lead-2)

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  • Krishna Mahato

    Krishna Mahato

    Web Dev Lead (Backend Tech Lead-3)

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  • Saheb Giri

    Saheb Giri

    Web Dev Lead(Front End Tech Lead -4)

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  • Bravish Ghosh

    Bravish Ghosh

    Institute of Technical Education & Research

    Ex-GDSC Lead(2021-2022)

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  • Abhinandan Roul

    Abhinandan Roul

    Ex GDSC Lead -2(2021-2022)

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  • Satyajit Panigrahi

    Satyajit Panigrahi

    Ex GDSC Lead -3(2021-2022)

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  • Deb Adarsh Sahu

    Deb Adarsh Sahu

    AP Moller-Maersk

    Ex GDSC Lead-4(2021-2022)

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