Hacktoberfest 2021 and Git & GitHub Workshop

Hacktoberfest is a month-long open-source celebration event organised by DigitalOcean and many other organisations, in which you learn how to contribute in open source projects and get rewarded by some amazing swags.

About this event

⚡ The most awaited Hacktoberfest is back again!

If you are a beginner, this is the best time for you to get started with open source and a great opportunity for seasoned contributors as well.

Want to know more about how to contribute to open source and earn swags from HacktoberFest?

We at GDSC are organizing a session with speaker Mohan Ram (Senior Manager @ DigitalOcean) where we will be covering everything you need to know. 🤩

The event will cover:

🎯What's Hacktoberfest?

🎯Why should we participate in this?

🎯What do we get?

🎯Git & GitHub

🎯How to search for projects?

🎯What projects are available?

🎯What projects are there for me?

🎯How to make a contribution?

🎯Process for Contributors

🎯Process for Maintainers

Register now:

🗓 Date: 9th October 2021

⏰ Time: 5 PM (IST)



  • Manisha Parichha

    Manisha Parichha

    GDSC Lead , ITER SOA University

    GDSC Lead 2022-23

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  • Aditya Prakash

    Aditya Prakash

    Institute of Technical Education and Research (SOA University)

    Operations Lead

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  • Aditya Arpan Sahoo

    Aditya Arpan Sahoo

    ITER, SOA University.

    Event Management Lead

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  • Ankita Sahu

    Ankita Sahu

    ITER,Siksha 'o' Anusandhan University

    Public Relations Lead

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  • Sourav Bera

    Sourav Bera


    AI/ML Lead (Technical Lead-1)

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  • Krishna Mahato

    Krishna Mahato

    Web Dev Lead (Backend Tech Lead-3)

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  • Saheb Giri

    Saheb Giri

    Web Dev Lead(Front End Tech Lead -4)

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  • Kaushik Lakhani

    Kaushik Lakhani


    Design Team Lead

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  • Kalinga Abhisek

    Kalinga Abhisek


    Coding Lead

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  • Bravish Ghosh

    Bravish Ghosh

    Institute of Technical Education & Research

    Ex-Google DSC Lead 2021-2022

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