GDSC Web Campaign-I : Session on introduction to HTML

Web Campaign introduces you to various Web technologies. You will learn basics of web technology, javascript and many more that will help you to create end to end interactive web applications. πŸ˜€πŸŽ‰

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About this event

Are you looking to learn more about HTML Web development? Join us for our upcoming HTML Web Campaign Session ! This hands-on session will help you gain the skills to create stunning, interactive web pages that will take your website to the next level. You'll get to learn the fundamentals of HTML and how to design and develop advanced web pages. Plus, we'll provide you with helpful resources and materials to take home with you. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to take your web development skills to the next level! RSVP now!πŸ‘

It's not over yet . Didn't get the swags this time? Don't worry . We have your back.This month will be the giveaway month of the year. .Forms will be circulated everyday for this week and names will be choosen on first come first serve basis.Forms will be closed as soon as we get 22 namesπŸŽ‰.That means everyday we will be choosimg 20 winners form the community. There will be small swag packs for 20 lucky participants this time.And yeah ,we will be constantly having the giveaways this month.πŸŽ‰So stay tunned !!


  • Manisha Parichha

    Manisha Parichha

    Institute Of Technical Education and Research (SOA University)

    GDSC Lead

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  • Aditya Prakash

    Aditya Prakash

    Institute of Technical Education and Research (SOA University)

    Operations Lead

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  • Aditya Arpan Sahoo

    Aditya Arpan Sahoo

    SOA University

    Public Relations Lead

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  • Ankita Sahu

    Ankita Sahu

    ITER,Siksha 'o' Anusandhan University

    Design and Media Lead

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  • Sourav Bera

    Sourav Bera

    Institute Of Technical Education And Research, Bhubaneswar

    AI/ML Lead (Technical Lead-1)

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  • Milind Jha

    Milind Jha

    Coding Lead(Technical Lead-2)

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  • Krishna Mahato

    Krishna Mahato

    Web Dev Lead (Backend Tech Lead-3)

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  • Saheb Giri

    Saheb Giri

    Web Dev Lead(Front End Tech Lead -4)

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  • Bravish Ghosh

    Bravish Ghosh

    Institute of Technical Education & Research

    Ex-GDSC Lead(2021-2022)

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  • Abhinandan Roul

    Abhinandan Roul

    Ex GDSC Lead -2(2021-2022)

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  • Satyajit Panigrahi

    Satyajit Panigrahi

    Ex GDSC Lead -3(2021-2022)

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  • Deb Adarsh Sahu

    Deb Adarsh Sahu

    AP Moller-Maersk

    Ex GDSC Lead-4(2021-2022)

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