Exploring Quantum Computing

ITER <> ETH Zurich <> University of Oxford <> Technical University of Munich <> collaboration for #WorldQuantumDay

About this event

The history of universe is, in effect, a huge and perpetual quantum computation.

Essential speaking this buzzword is the definite future of modern computers and problem solving as we see today.

Quantum computing is the two-word answer to the complexity of the multi-linear computation and processing faced by physicists and scientists in the probe of space and nature alike. As excitingly novel this field may be, its implications tends to boils to some fundamental prerequisite knowledge which is indispensable in order to dive into Quantum Computing. 

On the occasion of World Quantum Day (4.14), in order to equip the community with all about Quantum Computing and its magic, GDSC-ITER in collaboration with GDSC- ETH Zurich, GDSC- University of Oxford, GDSC- Technical University of Munich proudly presents "Exploring Quantum Computing" with the esteemed speakers

Dr. Kitty Yeung and Dr. Mathias Soeken 

as a one day event encompassing the technical and career aspects in quantum computing.

About the Speakers :

Dr. Kitty Yeung - Dr. Yeung was an Senior Quantum Architect before founding her own internal startup at Microsoft, while her laurels extend over as a physicist, engineer and artist. She’s the Producer of MS Learn quantum modules and the Quantum Learning website; Creator of comic series Quantum Computing through Comics; Lecturer at HackadayU and Microsoft Reactor on Quantum Computing; Founder & Designer of sustainable and STEAM fashion brand, Art by Physicist. Her career path spans academic research (PhD in Applied Physics from Harvard University) to industry engineering, product design, user experience, program management and business development, all to bring new ideas into reality to apply technologies for good.

Dr. Mathias Soeken - Dr. Soeken is a Senior Quantum Engineer at Microsoft who has garnered over 6 years of experience in professorship. He is a researcher and software engineer in the Quantum team at Microsoft. He is interested in finding high-performance implementations of quantum algorithms. He is a respected Quantum researcher in the community who furnished his Ph.D from the University of Bremen. 

Join the webinar for a mind-settling experience and high-end information about one of the hottest research topics in the world.

Timeline : 22. 04. 2022 at 7:30 PM IST (4 PM CET)