Crack the Code

An Online Coding Contest for GDSC-ITER induction session 2022-23, Fill out the registration form -

About this event

Want to contribute and imbibe from a community of dedicated innovators and developers?

We got you covered folks !!!

GDSC acts as a leeway to provide industry exposure to students and scholars alike through its workshops, webinars and competitions such as Solution Challenge and more. It is directly influenced and coordinated by developers from Google itself and has turned out to be a harbor of innovation and knowledge.

In an attempt to promote and assess problem solving skills we shall be conducting an online coding assessment over the acclaimed platform Hackerrank.

On a special note, We shall also be commemorating International Education Day, on the Induction-cum-Coding Assessment - Crack the Code .

The competition is the proving grounds for becoming a member of GDSC-ITER and flaunt the official GDSC membership badge in your Google Developer profile. So all the best everyone.

The participants shall be furnished with opportunities to become Chapter coordinators of GDSC-ITER and host their own events.

Looking forward to enthusiastic additions to the community. 

Please fill out the form attached to the virtual event link for confirmation of your registration.

Fill out the registration form (COMPULSORY) -




  • Manisha Parichha

    Manisha Parichha

    GDSC Lead , ITER SOA University

    GDSC Lead 2022-23

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  • Aditya Prakash

    Aditya Prakash

    Institute of Technical Education and Research (SOA University)

    Operations Lead

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  • Aditya Arpan Sahoo

    Aditya Arpan Sahoo

    SOA University

    Event Management Lead

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  • Ankita Sahu

    Ankita Sahu

    ITER,Siksha 'o' Anusandhan University

    Public Relations Lead

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  • Sourav Bera

    Sourav Bera

    Institute Of Technical Education And Research, Bhubaneswar

    AI/ML Lead (Technical Lead-1)

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  • Krishna Mahato

    Krishna Mahato

    Web Dev Lead (Backend Tech Lead-3)

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  • Saheb Giri

    Saheb Giri

    Web Dev Lead(Front End Tech Lead -4)

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  • Kaushik Lakhani

    Kaushik Lakhani


    Design Team Lead

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  • Kalinga Abhisek

    Kalinga Abhisek


    Coding Lead

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  • Bravish Ghosh

    Bravish Ghosh

    Institute of Technical Education & Research

    Ex-Google DSC Lead 2021-2022

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