100 Days of LeetCode

Institute of Technical Education & Research - Bhubaneswar, India

Practice LeetCode questions for interview preparations in #100DaysOfCode with GDSC ITER

Mar 10, 2022, 12:30 PM – Jun 19, 2022, 3:30 PM

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About this event

GDSC-ITER brings back a challenge oriented learning pathway "100 Days of Leetcode" for DSA enthusiast and geeks curious about how the wackiest problem statements are tackled in the most efficient ways possible.

Competetive coding has always been and will remain a core criteria of multiple aspects of the IT sector.

Problem solving skills and analytical thinking are the foremost benchmark for any developer or student alike.

And the best way to polish your problem solving skills is only through practice, practice and more practice!

Come join us on this challenge towards a better individual coder on Leetcode , an acclaimed and lucid platform popular among seasoned developers and beginners alike, to dedicate 100 days to enhancing your skills and prove your coding mettle.

Rules to participate :

  • Solve Leetcode problems at-least 1 hour consistently for 100 days
  • 100 coding interview leetcode questions with solutions available in virtual event link for reference
  • Tweet your daily progress by tagging @gdsciter on twitter with the following hashtags: #100DaysOfCode #gdsciter #developerstudentclubs #googledeveloperstudentclubs
  • For more info check the official 100 days of code website
  • Once the challenge is completed, fill out this form to get a Certificate from GDSC ITER


  • Pragati Saikia

    GDSC Lead

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    Public Relations Lead

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    Event Management Lead

  • Prince kumar singh


    Technical Lead



    Design and Media Lead

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