Tech Tycoon Reinforcement Learning

Discover the world of reinforcement learning through our comprehensive online program. Dive into the principles, master algorithms, and gain insights from industry experts. Unleash your potential and explore diverse career opportunities in this rapidly evolving field. Join us online on February 25th, 2024, to take your expertise to the next level.

Feb 25, 12:30 – 2:00 PM



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Machine Learning

About this event

Immerse yourself in the principles and applications of this cutting-edge field as you delve deep into the world of reinforcement learning. With our comprehensive online program, you'll have the opportunity to master algorithms and techniques through a series of interactive exercises and gain valuable insights from industry experts. But it's not just about technical proficiency—proficiency in reinforcement learning opens doors to a multitude of diverse career opportunities, from pioneering research roles to innovative applications across various industries. By joining us online on February 25th, 2024, you'll have the chance to expand your expertise and position yourself at the forefront of this rapidly evolving domain.

Dive deep into the principles and applications of reinforcement learning

Master algorithms and techniques through interactive exercises

Gain valuable insights from industry experts

Explore diverse career opportunities in pioneering research and innovative applications across industries

Expand your expertise and position yourself for success in the rapidly evolving domain of reinforcement learning.


  • Santosh Maurya


  • Abhinav Nautiyal


    GDSC Lead

  • Ayussh Khurana


    Open Source Lead

  • Ansh Sudan

    Data Science Lead

  • Vinayak Goyal

    Jumping Minds

    App and Web Lead

  • Malika Kaur

    AI/ML Lead

  • Minal .

    Team Coorninator

  • Yashika Mehra

    Management Team

  • Jaskirat kaur Nanda

    Management Lead

  • Kishali Kapoor

    Content Writing Lead

  • Riya Verma

    Social Media Lead

  • Devender Kushwaha

    Graphic Team

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