solution challenge kickstart

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About this event

1. Join a Google Developer Student Club

If there is no club at your college or university, you can join the closest one through the community event platform.

2. Form a team and register

. Form a 4-person team, with at least one student from the university of the Google Developer Student Club, and ideally with a varied set of technical and soft skills. Have a conversation early about causes you care about most. Register for the Solution Challenge by submitting this form (each team member must register).

3. Select a UN Sustainable Development Goal

Select a goal that aligns with personal interests and/or needs in your community that you would like to solve with technology. Watch this video to learn more.

Learn and build

4. Identify a solution

One way to identify a solution is by using a Design Sprint, a flexible framework for solving problems through designing, prototyping, and testing ideas with users over a 5-day sprint.

5. Design the user interface

This is where your solution’s user interface and user experience comes in. Start thinking about how a user will interact with the solution. Watch this video to learn more about designing an interface.

6. Design the backend technology

Follow the learning pathways on the Resources page to help you plan and design the backend.

Finalize and submit your solution

7. Test your solution

Collect feedback by showcasing your project to other students, family, and friends.

8. Iterate on your project

Using the feedback you received, start iterating on your design and technology until it’s polished and ready for a final demo.

9. Record a demo video, and submit it by March 31, 2022

Put your solution into action. Record a video of a successful demo (maximum 2 minutes long) and submit it using this form. The submission form will open on March 15, 2022. Watch this video for examples of demos from last year's contest