Flutter Forward Extended

About this event

✨Attention all tech enthusiasts!

✨GDSC ISET Nabeul is back and better than ever before!✨🥰

✨This time we have new friends TPL ISET Kelibia & TPL Leaders Club with whom we can share our knowledge and network.✨

✨🫡Are you ready to take your mobile app development skills to the next level🔝? Join us on March 31st at 9 pm for an exciting session on "Intro to Flutter".✨🥰💜

✨Flutter is a powerful and flexible mobile app development framework that allows you to build beautiful and performant apps for both iOS and Android platforms using a single codebase. Whether you're an experienced developer or just starting, Flutter is a great tool to have in your toolkit.✨

✨In this session, we'll dive deep into the fundamentals of Flutter, including the basics of Flutter architecture, how to create custom widgets, and how to use Flutter's powerful set of pre-built widgets to create beautiful and responsive user interfaces.✨🤩

✨To apply for this session, simply fill out the application form at 👉 https://forms.gle/EUk2ShM89XwU2Uwd9

Don't miss this opportunity to take your mobile app development skills to the next level with Flutter.✨🥰💜

✨Video call link: https://meet.google.com/wgv-skcq-zoz

✨So mark your calendar for March 31st at 9 pm and join us for an exciting and informative session on "Intro to Flutter".

See you there!🤩🥰








  • Eya Laouini

    Eya Laouini

    GDSC Institut Superieur des Etudes Technologiques Nabeul

    GDSC Lead

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  • shaima miled

    shaima miled

    Co-Lead of Talent Management

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  • Zina Jbeli

    Zina Jbeli

    GDSC Institut Superieur des etudes technologique nbeul, Tunisia

    Head of Marketing & Media

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  • Chaima Guiras

    Chaima Guiras

    IT Student

    Head of Operations

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  • Ayoub Gaouet

    Ayoub Gaouet

    GDSC Institut Superieur des etudes technologique nbeul, Tunisia

    Graphic Designer

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    Graphic Designer

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  • Nour Ben Brahim

    Nour Ben Brahim

    GDSC iset Nabeul

    Content Creator

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  • Nada El Kamel

    Nada El Kamel


    Logistics Coordinator

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