Design Day

ISET Nabeul - Nabeul, 8000 - View Map Institut Superieur des etudes technologiques - Nabeul
Wed, Feb 15, 12:30 PM (CET)

About this event

✨"Let's WORK to MAKE this earth a better place, where we all have to live in !"✨

✨As a Google Solution Challenge participant, you can attend the GDSC ISET Nabeul Design Day, on 15 February, at ISET Nabeul. ✨🥰

✨🤔The Design Day will provide technical training workshops on Design sprint and design thinking methodologies to learn about rapid prototyping and how to develop your ideas into working prototype products😍! You will walk away with an excellent understanding of the basic concepts of product development and design in general.✨😎

✨🥰Also, There will be hands-on experience in UX and product design; to learn design principles, test users' experience ideas, create wireframes and build mock-ups!✨

✨Are you 🔥READY 🔥to solve one of GOOGLE's challenges? Grab your team and JOIN US this Wednesday, February 15!!








Wednesday, Feb 15
12:30 PM - 5:00 PM (CET)


ISET Nabeul Nabeul8000


  • Eya Laouini

    Eya Laouini

    GDSC Institut Superieur des Etudes Technologiques Nabeul

    GDSC Lead

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  • shaima miled

    shaima miled

    Co-Lead of Talent Management

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  • Zina Jbeli

    Zina Jbeli

    GDSC Institut Superieur des etudes technologique nbeul, Tunisia

    Head of Marketing & Media

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  • Chaima Guiras

    Chaima Guiras

    IT Student

    Head of Operations

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  • Ayoub Gaouet

    Ayoub Gaouet

    GDSC Institut Superieur des etudes technologique nbeul, Tunisia

    Graphic Designer

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    Graphic Designer

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  • Nour Ben Brahim

    Nour Ben Brahim

    GDSC iset Nabeul

    Content Creator

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  • Nada El Kamel

    Nada El Kamel


    Logistics Coordinator

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