Weekly Study Jam by GDSC INSTIKI #4: Getting Started with Tailwind CSS: A Beginner's Guide

Sun, Feb 19, 2:00 PM (WITA)

About this event

Hello Student Developers!

We will be hosting a super cool event about Getting started with Tailwind CSS on 19th February 2023, starting at 2:00 PM (WITA). In this Study Jam, we'll cover the basics of Tailwind CSS, a utility-first CSS framework that can help you build beautiful websites faster. You'll learn how to set up Tailwind CSS in your development environment, use its pre-built CSS classes to style your HTML elements, and customize the framework to suit your project's needs. Whether you're new to web development or just getting started with Tailwind CSS, this webinar will provide you with a solid foundation to create responsive and visually appealing websites.

Don't forget to also register yourself through this link:

https://s.id/Study-Jam-GDSC-INSTIKI-04 (Google Form)

https://s.id/Dicoding-04 (Dicoding Event Platform)

and join the meeting via Google Meet here:


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