Flutter Study Jam Jan 2022 Kick-Off

Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City
Mon, Jan 3, 2022, 7:00 PM (GMT+7)

Learn Flutter essentials and take practice together virtually in a month

About this event

What Study Jams is?

Study Jams are community-run study groups for developers. This is a great opportunity to bring members of your community together to learn something in person. 

Flutter, a cross-platform to make a better UI/UX on mobile devices

In the era of breakthrough technology, the mobile phone is considered a versatile device, playing an extremely important role in life. Thanks to the popularity and modernity of smartphones, more and more mobile applications are born, marking a new era in the technology industry. There are many tools to build different applications, one of which must be mentioned is Flutter.

Flutter is an open-source framework that allows creating high-quality, high-performance mobile applications that support cross-platform, suitable for Android and iOS application development. Flutter was developed to solve common problems in mobile, Fast Development, and Native Performance. If React Native only ensures Fast Development and pure native code only ensures Native Performance, then Flutter can do both of the above. Based on functions and outstanding points, Flutter deserves to be the perfect Beta 1 version for Google when creating applications that can run on both iOS and Android operating systems.

About this Flutter Study Jam

Earlier this year, we've collaborated with some GDSC chapters in Vietnam to organize a virtual Study Jam, diving into the world of Flutter and learning together a month before Vietnam's Lunar New Year. It's completely free, no doubt. 

It's also a chance for beginners to get acquainted with Flutter and mobile programming, or 2nd and 3rd-year students who are passionate about mobile UI programming, even non-tech intend to start a mobile development career.

To start this journey, join us at the very first event to warm up with an interesting discussion, Q&A session about Flutter.



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