from MachineLearning import Introduction

we’d be debunking a lot of things on Machine Learning in general. Don’t worry, there aren’t any pre-requisites for this event. We’d be working from the ground up followed by workshops for our next set of events in our campaign for which we’d insist y’all to register for our first event right away to put y’all on the loop over mail as well hereon!

Feb 5, 2022, 6:30 – 8:30 AM



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from GDSC_IIITD import FirstEvent2022

We are stoked to announce that we'll be kickstarting our Machine Learning track campaign for this year! Drawing from the recent success in participation from our last couple of events, we've planned an entire bucket list of more exciting events throughout the remainder of this year. For our first event from our ML Track series, we'll be focusing on the importance of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence followed by coding some basic ML stuff on Google Colab.

import preRequisites

You don't need to come with any! Consider this as a Zero Prerequisites workshop event where we'll begin with just watered-down basics. Just good python skills will do, you'll get your hands dirty with coding right away from the first event itself! We'll be delving more into the practical applications later on through workshops after the first Introductory Event, so it would hugely help if you do attend the first one!

import timeLine

We'll be tentatively covering the following post the first event. We'll be having workshops as well as interviews with those who are pursuing ML in the industry to give a good picture of how someone can take up ML/AI as a career to follow with what we've covered from our first event. But for now, don't forget to register to get all updates over your mail as well.

Google Registration form :-

from GDSC_IIITD import ML_Team

1. Prachi Goyal ( SWE Intern @Microsoft 2022 | Google WTEF Scholar 2020 | AI / ML Head @GDSC IIITD | Junior @ IIITD ) 

2. Jahnvi Kumari ( Incoming SWE'22 Intern @ Google | CSAI @ IIITD | Undergraduate Researcher @ LCS2 | GHC'21 )

from GDSC_IIITD import Contact

For more details, don't hesitate to contact anyone amongst us! We'd be glad to revert back! Don't forget to join the appropriate channels and our socials for all communication and updates. 


  • Jahnvi Kumari

  • Prachi Goyal


  • Prachi Goyal


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    GDSC Lead

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    Core Team - Web Development

  • Anjanay Raina

    Core Team - Blockchain

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    Core Team - Cybersecurity

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    Core Team - Mobile Development

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    Core Team - AI/ML

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