Concepts of DataBase with Prasoon & Rishikesh

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Learn the basics of database management systems 📊, SQL statements🐿️, and CRUD ❤️‍🩹operations in our upcoming speaker session.

Join us to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and emerging technologies in the field of database management systems. 💯

Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and improve your skills. Register now! 🎓

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  • Sarika Purohit

    Sarika Purohit

    Indore Institute of Science and Technology Indore

    Google DSC Lead

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  • Rishabh Rathore

    Rishabh Rathore

    Indore Institute of science and technology

    Technical Lead

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  • Krishna Soni

    Krishna Soni


    Operation and Management Lead

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  • Prasoon Bhargava

    Prasoon Bhargava

    Web Development Lead

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  • Kartik Verma

    Kartik Verma

    PR & Outreach Lead

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  • Vasu Namdev

    Vasu Namdev


    Cyber Security Executive

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  • Ananya Chandel

    Ananya Chandel

    Operation and Management Team

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  • Astitva Shrivastava

    Astitva Shrivastava

    Operation and Management Team

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  • Harshal Thakur

    Harshal Thakur

    Operation & Management Executive

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