Women’s Day Special

Get to listen from the women who are rocking in tech industries and girl students who are acing their careers with their huge achievements in the tech field and being the inspiration for all girls out there. See you there!

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About this event

 The session will be having a panel discussion of many of the women who have achieved a great amount of success in their careers.

The panel discussion will be covering their experiences and also some questions which most of the students have.

The session will be having 3-panel discussions which will be covering most of the fields in the tech industry. These 3-panel discussions are as follows:

Women industry experts panel discussion

Girl students who have won many titles and aced many achievements in the tech field.

Girl DSC Leads sharing their own stories and answering your questions too.

Join us on 6th, 7th, and 8th March, and let’s make this Women’s day memorable!



March 6 - 8
7:30 PM (IST)