Data analytics using python

Let's learn about analysing data using python!

About this event

What is Data analytics ?

Data is playing important role in this century, every company in every niche is relying on data to take further steps so learn how to analyze that data.

Wondering what High-end Tech companies are looking for in their potential employees?

What is the importance and foundations of Python as a programming language?

Don’t worry DSC IGDTUW in collaboration with Edudictive is back with another session on“Data Analytics Using Python” to provide an insightful session to each one of you on “Python as the most prominent Scripting Language”

The key highlights of the session would be:

📌Why Analytics. Career Options.

📌What is a DataBase?

📌Why do we need Databases.

📌What is Analytics.

📌Intro to SQL. Why is it important?

📌Intro to Python

📌 Intro to Visualization

📌Python hands on session

Get your hands on this fruitful session Right Now!!



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