Intro to python

Introduction to Python Programming Language

About this event

Hello linguists!

The spidey sense that transcends the multiverse is telling us that you want to dive deep into the Multiverse of Languages.

So, here we are !!!

COPS, IIT (BHU) brings to you two weeks dedicated to learning six programming languages. From learning the alphabet (aka syntax) to real-life practice (building an application), you'll be acquainted with the various dimensions through interactive workshops and exciting assignments.

First up in the series is the friendly neighbourhood Python, brought to you collectively by CARS (COPS, AMC, The Robotics Club, and SAE).

14 days. 6 languages. 6 assignments.

Mark your calendars and brace yourself to finally enter the portal of polyglots!

Session Details

Time: 5:00 - 6:30 PM

Date: 30th January 2022

Platform: Bevy | Google Developer Student Clubs

For queries contact

Khushi +916377223921

Utkarsh +918422090802