Hacktoberfest Fest Workshop

Introduction to open source, contribution to open source projects and completing the Hacktober Fest in the hands-on workshop.

About this event

Greeting hackers!

It's October - the month of "trick or treat"! It's also a month where programmers celebrate Open Source by participating in a month-long festival of code, Hacktoberfest.

COPS is here with a workshop to introduce you all to Open Source, Github, and the Hacktoberfest, of course! If you wish to work on an open-source project or you merely fancy the words, this is just the right place for you to get started!

Note: This workshop is also an introductory session towards the later sessions on Google Summer of Code and hence a must-attend one!

Pre-requisites: A Github account!

We hope to see you in great numbers and make the most out of it.