Shall we Dual?

A18-1 - North Campus, IIT Mandi Mandi, 175005 - View Map Indian Institute of Technology - Mandi
Wed, Feb 22, 9:15 PM (IST)

About this event

This session is designed to help you get started with Linux and understand the basics of dual booting. You'll learn how to install and set up Linux on your computer alongside your existing operating system. We'll cover the most popular Linux distributions and their features, as well as some essential command-line tools that will make your life easier.

This session will help you explore the vast world of open-source software and take your tech skills to the next level. You'll discover new tools and techniques that will enable you to do more with your computer and broaden your horizons. Especially if you are a CSE student, setting up and getting comfortable with Linux will go a long way.


Wednesday, Feb 22
9:15 PM - 11:15 PM (IST)


North Campus, IIT Mandi Mandi175005