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πŸš€ Dive into an electrifying JavaScript Masterclass at Google Developer Student Club IIT Madras, happening Sunday, March 17th, 2024, at 9 PM IST! 🌟 Embark on a thrilling coding adventure with interactive exercises and expert mentorship. πŸ’» Unleash your coding potential and ignite your passion for web development! πŸ”₯

Mar 17, 3:15 – 5:30 PM



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πŸš€ Get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey into the world of JavaScript and the MERN stack with our dynamic masterclass hosted by Google Developer Student Club IIT Madras! 🌟 Join us on Sunday, March 17th, 2024, at 9 PM IST for an immersive session designed to boost your coding prowess and ignite your passion for full-stack web development.

Time: 9 PM IST

Date: 17 March, Sunday.

πŸ“š Syllabus Highlights:

JavaScript Topics:

  1. Variables: Understand the essentials of variables in JavaScript.
  2. Functions: Dive into function declaration and usage in JavaScript.
  3. DOM and DOM Selectors: Explore the Document Object Model and various DOM selectors.
  4. Block and Scope: Grasp the concept of block scope in JavaScript.
  5. Callback Functions: Master the art of callback functions and their importance in asynchronous programming.

Overview of MERN Stack:

Basic Full Stack Architecture: Understand the fundamentals of full-stack development.

What is NodeJS?: Explore the role of Node.js in building scalable web applications.

  1. DB - Models and Schema: Learn about database models and schema in the context of MongoDB.
  2. React Components: Dive into React components and their significance in building user interfaces.
  3. useState Hook: Explore the useState hook in React for managing component state.
  4. Request and Response: Understand the concepts of handling HTTP requests and responses in a MERN stack application.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to level up your coding skills and connect with fellow enthusiasts! See you there! πŸ”₯πŸ’»βœ¨


  • Ayush Tiwari

    Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

    GDSC Lead

  • Naman Narula

    IIT Madras

    Events & Spons Lead

  • Aditya Siddharth Jyoti

    IIT Madras

    Public Relations & Outreach Lead

  • Akarsh Gupta

    Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

    Design & Content Lead


    Events Lead

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