Let's talk FOSS!

Indian Institute of Technology - Goa
Sun, Oct 11, 2020, 5:00 PM (IST)

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About this event

All of us, as part of the technical sphere, have sometime or the other heard about the term 'open-source'. Even if we haven't, we have been using since the first time we learned an algorithm or downloaded a software for free from the internet. But for most of you, this term may still be shrouded in mystery. So DSC IIT Goa and InfoSec IIT Goa are here for the rescue.

In this introductory event, we will celebrate the existence of this ever-expanding and most welcoming open-source community. A brief overview of the topics we'll cover is as below:

1. Introduction to open-source and why is it so valuable?

2. Basics of Git, GitHub and how to make a Pull Request.

3. Everything you need to know before making your first contribution.

4. Challenges faced and how to resolve them.

5. How open-source brings a security mindset.

6. Guide to safe usage and contribution to the community.

7. Famous annual open-source events and how to participate in them.

This event will fully equip you make the most dashing entry into this amazing community. So without waiting, quickly sign-up by clicking the RSVP button.

Hope to see you soon at the event!

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Sunday, Oct 11
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