An Introduction to Web Development and Git

Indian Institute of Technology - Delhi
Fri, Jan 14, 5:00 PM (IST)

About this event

DevClub is here with our first session on **Introduction to Web Development**, to be held on **January 14, 5 PM**

We will introduce you all to **HTML, CSS and the working of the web**! Meanwhile you will also see how to use **GitHub** for developing, sharing and exploring projects.

The session will be followed by a guided assignment, where you will learn to apply the skills and build something yourself!

Some pre requisites for the session which will help you get the most our of it -

1. Create a [GitHub account](

2. Browser: [Download Google chrome]( We will be using chrome as it provides a very useful DevTools that is built directly into it.

3. Editor: You are free to use any code editor, we suggest you to use VSCode. [Download VSCode](

The lecture will be live on Cisco Webex and will be interactive.

Meeting link:

If you haven't joined the discord server then join using the [link](