Intro to 30 Days of Cloud

About this event

Attend the 30 days of Google Cloud Program onboarding session!

Greetings everyone!

Our institute has been selected as one of the very few institutes to host the 30 days of Google Cloud Program across India. As a part of the program, you will get a chance to kickstart your career in cloud and ML. Get a hands-on experience of GCP in the Qwiklabs Cloud and ML/Data Science tracks.

Also, you will earn some exciting goodies and digital badges from Google on completion of these tracks.

We're well into the event now. Seeing everybody's excitement and to give you all a better idea of how to use the platform and address common questions you all might have regarding the program, we are organising an onboarding session on 8th October (today) at 18:00.

This is meant fo the second-year students only as the third and fourth year already had a session earlier.

See you in the cloud ☁️!

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