Unleash the Power of Machine Learning: A Comprehensive Workshop for Beginners and Enthusiasts!

Classroom 2125, IIITV-ICD, Education Hub, Diu, 362520

Demystify Machine Learning! Our in-depth workshop unveils core concepts & hands-on exercises for beginners & enthusiasts. Build intelligent systems & explore the future of AI. #GDSC #MachineLearning

Feb 27, 1:30 โ€“ 2:30 PM



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Explore MLMachine Learning

About this event

Are you curious about how computers can "learn" and adapt without explicit programming? Do you have a passion for technology and problem-solving? If so, then this Machine Learning Workshop is the perfect opportunity for you to unlock the secrets of this game-changing field.

Designed for both beginners and those seeking to expand their knowledge, this interactive workshop will take you on a journey through the fascinating world of Machine Learning. You'll gain a solid understanding of core concepts, including:

The different types of Machine Learning: Explore supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning paradigms.

The Machine Learning workflow: Learn about data preparation, model training, evaluation, and deployment.

Key algorithms: Discover the power of popular algorithms like linear regression, decision trees, and k-means clustering.

Hands-on experience: Apply your newfound knowledge through practical coding exercises using beginner-friendly tools and libraries.

Whether you're a student, aspiring developer, or simply curious about AI, this workshop is an invaluable opportunity to:

Develop a strong foundation in Machine Learning principles.

Gain practical experience through hands-on coding exercises.

Network with fellow learners and enthusiasts.

Discover the vast potential of Machine Learning and its applications in various domains.

Don't miss this chance to dive into the exciting world of Machine Learning! Take advantage of this interactive workshop and equip yourself with the skills to build intelligent systems and unlock new possibilities.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2024
1:30 PM โ€“ 2:30 PM UTC


  • Ved Vekhande

    IIIT Vadodara ICD

    GDSC Lead


  • Ved Vekhande

    GDSC Lead

  • Aniruddha Kajave

    Web Dev Lead

  • Nilesh Phapale

    Web Dev Co-Lead

  • Gunal Gupta

    Public Relations Lead

  • Ishita Agarwal

    Women in Tech Lead

  • Akanksha Pandey

    Women-in-Tech Co-Lead


    Management Lead

  • Tejas Raj

    Management Co-Lead

  • Pradyot Soni

    Technical Writing Lead

  • Unik Yadav

    App Dev Lead

  • Falgun Soni

    Open Source Lead


    Public Relations Co-Lead


    UI/UX Lead


    UI/UX Co-Lead

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