Introductory Session

An info session by GDSC IIIT Sri City to let everybody know the club's vision and objectives better. The event will cover all the facts and information about the club and is open to clear all your doubts regarding the club and its functionalities.

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About this event

Google Developer Student Clubs (GDSC) IIIT Sri City is all set to host a new session for 2021-22 with all its newly recruited Lead and core members.

The new core team is on boarded and finally ready to get started to familiarize you with technology.

GDSC IIIT Sri City announces an Info session open to each one of you to acquaint you with all the facts and information regarding the club. Be a part of this session to know about the vision of the club and its objectives for this session.

You will also get to know the core members who will be guiding you through the journey with the club.

Ready to traverse some fun activities to bring a much needed change of pace that will make your lives a tad bit more affirming and relieve you from these almost-irritable online classes and daily schedules?

Join us on 29-09-2021, Wednesday at 7:30 PM, where we explore some of the most exciting aspects and stupefying domains of development and get to know how you, too, can be a part of GDSC, IIIT Sri City.

Worry not as we have something gratifying planned for every single one of you as take a step forward in the development world.

Get yourself all set to learn about the club and why you should not miss being a part of this amazing journey with GDSC.

Hop in to unleash the excitement we have for you!!

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Wednesday, Sep 29
7:30 PM - 8:45 PM (IST)