An info session on how to participate in #6companies30days challenge with Arsh Goyal.

Jan 5, 10:30 – 11:30 AM



Key Themes

Career Development

About this event

A Challenge to make sure you start with your goals today , don’t procrastinate and don’t let your college decide your future!

Benefits (For the ones who complete the Challenge) :

  • The ones who complete this challenge will be given referrals for top tech companies and startups.
  • A special surprise gift for top performers.
  • Special 1 on 1 mentoring session on how to plan the things after this challenge - related to projects , revision , CS Fundamentals, Interview Tips , etc.
  • Top 90-100 most frequently asked and most important questions by most big tech companies will be done.

Rules :

  1. Complete 1 company (15 Questions) in 5 days and try maintaining a github repository to store all the codes which can be later used as notes .You can name the repository as #6Companies30days or #ReviseWithArsh.
  2. The questions provided will be on a gap of 5 days for a new company i.e from 1st to 5th Jan,6th to 10th Jan and so on.
  3. Completing questions in these 5 days can be in any format - 3 questions a day or maybe 6 questions a day.
  4. You need to start the challenge by putting in a post on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter with hashtag #6Companies30days and #ReviseWithArsh and tag “Arsh Goyal” so that your entry can be tracked and you are eligible for referrals and other benefits.
  5. Why wait to start- start it today!


  • Aditya Rawat

    GDSC, IIIT Sonepat

    GDSC Lead

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