GO LANG : Code Less, Achieve More

Indian Institute of Information Technology, Nagpur (IIITN), Off Adilabad - Nagpur Road, Waranga, 441108

Join us for an interactive session as we delve into the world of Go Lang, a powerful programming language designed for simplicity, efficiency, and reliability. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting your journey in programming, this session will introduce you to the fundamentals of Go and provide you with the tools you need to start building robust applications.

Feb 15, 12:30 – 1:30 PM



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During this session, we'll dive into the key features and advantages of Go Lang, including its simplicity, concurrency support, and strong typing. You'll learn how Go's lightweight syntax and built-in tools make it ideal for building scalable, high-performance applications.

Our experienced instructors will guide you through hands-on examples and practical exercises to help you grasp the fundamentals of Go programming. From basic syntax to advanced concepts like goroutines and channels, you'll gain the skills and confidence to start writing Go code with ease.


  • Khushal Kumawat

    IIIT Nagpur

    GDSC Lead

  • Gaurav bajpai

    GDSC Co-Lead

  • Mangalam Raj

    Web Dev Lead

  • Chirag Salwan

    AI/ML Lead

  • Mohit Kumar kumar

    Open Source Lead


    Media Lead

  • Vasu Kapasiya

    CP/DSA Lead

  • Arnav Patil

    Management & Marketing Lead

  • Keshav Agarwal

    App Dev Lead


    DevTalks Lead

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