Insight into Product Management

A virtual talk session on Product Management from basic know hows to good practices when it comes to managing a product.

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About this event

Talk on Product Management by Lokap Sahu, alumni IIT Bombay, a serial entrepreneur, experienced in product development (developed 8+ products in - healthcare, labware, consumer products, and edtech with SaaS + Hardware), fundraising, business strategy & operations.

He is currently leading a funded IITB startup - Languify, Languify improves your communication skills passively, with active feedback. It is simple as Truecaller UI, more insightful than Grammarly, and interactive & fun like Duolingo! ".

From newbies to people with industry experience or those who already a major part of community, get to learn / discuss / compare different practices extensively being applied when it comes to look after management of a product in market as well as within the developing team.