Blockchain 101

Indian Institute of Information Technology - Kalyani
Sun, Sep 5, 4:00 PM (IST)

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About this event

Bitcoins, blockchain, decentralization, mining, etc, etc, etc. these have been at the heart of every tech gathering in the past few years. There is a lot of fuzz and myth surrounding these technologies. The fast paced development of these technologies and the myths surrounding them have caused the exicetment around it to be a bit premature. Looking at the relatively unexplored field of Blockchain, GDSC - IIIT Kalyani brings you to opportunity to learn more about these technologies with weekend sessions along with our Blockchain Lead Yashraj. 

These sessions require no prior experience with blockchain. We start from the very basics and eventually doing a deep dive into the ocean of Blockchain Technologies. The first few sessions will focus around what blockchain is, how it works, what are the applications of it, advantages and disadvantages of decentralization and much more. You'll learn the fundamentals through interea


  • Akshita Dixit

    Akshita Dixit

    GDSC Lead

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  • Lohith Munakala

    Lohith Munakala

    Project Coordinator

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  • Mohit Raj

    Mohit Raj

    Project Coordinator

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  • Ishan Mishra

    Ishan Mishra

    Web Dev Lead

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  • Vineel Sai

    Vineel Sai

    IIIT Kalyani

    Mobile Dev Lead

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  • Vijay Shankar

    Vijay Shankar


    Mobile Dev

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  • Shubham Kumar

    Shubham Kumar

    Indian Institute of Information Technology Kalyani

    Machine Learning Lead

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  • Abhirukth Chakravarthy

    Abhirukth Chakravarthy

    Machine Learning Dev

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  • Yashraj Singh

    Yashraj Singh

    Blockchain/Crypto Lead

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  • Pallav Saxena

    Pallav Saxena

    Management Lead

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  • Akshit Choudhari

    Akshit Choudhari

    Design Lead

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  • Ayush Vashist

    Ayush Vashist

    Cloud Dev Lead

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  • Ali Asad Quasim

    Ali Asad Quasim

    Community and Outreach Lead

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