Getting Started With Flutter and Firebase

About this event

Hello everyone!!

GDSC IIIT Bhopal is thrilled to kick off your app development journey with a hands-on workshop on flutter and firebase.

Become a cross-platform App Developer. Learn how to build Android apps in Flutter by following a series of live hands-on sessions. The valuable skills which you will get to learn here will enable you to design beautiful UI using Flutter and make a fully functional project with firebase integration as backend.

Day 1-2 : UI designing for the app using flutter

Flutter exclusive features, widgets and widget tree, creating single screen app,state management,Stateful and stateless widgets, adding animations using

Host: Hitanshu Verma

Date:15-17th March,2021

Day 3 : Integrating Firebase as backend

Basics of firestore, CRUD operations in firestore

Host: Harsh Vardhan Baderiya

Date: 17th March, 2021



  • Manasvi Singh

    Manasvi Singh

    GDSC Lead

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  • Jiya Rathore

    Jiya Rathore

    Web Development Lead

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  • Pranjal Dubey

    Pranjal Dubey

    IIIT Bhopal

    App Development Lead

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  • Arya Sharma

    Arya Sharma

    Indian Institute of Information technology, Bhopal

    Data Science Developer

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  • Saloni Chaudhary

    Saloni Chaudhary

    Digital Engagement Lead

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  • Atharva Nagore

    Atharva Nagore

    Indian Institute of Information Technology Bhopal

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    Aryan Agarwal

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    sambhav dixit

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    Nikhil Yadav

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