Web 3.0 Summit

Admin Auditorium - IIIT Allahabad, IIITA Road, Jhalwa Prayagraj, 211012 - View Map Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad - Prayagraj
Apr 30 - May 1, 2022, 7:00 PM (IST)

We know the metaverse space is too hot right now.πŸ”₯πŸ₯΅ So put on your (meta) mask and roll on in your NFT shoes πŸ‘Ÿ for this exciting hybrid event to start your journey into the Web 3 world. With a strong line-up of speaker sessions and hands-on workshops, create your first NFT. FREE NFTs and GDSC t-shirts for top contributors.

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About this event

Come learn about the trending field web3 and metaverse with the Web 3.0 Summit. 2 days of speaker sessions, hands-on workshops and many more fun activities. This event can be attended both physically and virtually. Learn about web3 and complete a roadmap to start your journey as a web3 developer. Create your first NFT with a hands-on NFT building workshop. Stand a chance to win exclusive NFTs and GDSC t-shirts. Improve your abilities not only so you can enter the job, but also so you may strive to design futuristic decentralized solutions and become a leader in this booming industry. So don't miss out on this opportunity, as it could prove to be crucial for your future career.

What is Web 3.0?

Web 3.0 is a decentralized, permission-less network that can leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and whose data can be accessible from multiple locations at the same time (ex. Internet of Things). It manifests itself through emerging technologies like cryptocurrencies, virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and more. The Web3 movement is being led by a transformation in how we, as a collective, view and value the Internet, which is being aided by new technology. The goal of Web3 is to create an Internet that works for people and is owned by people.


  • Complete Roadmap of Web3 Development
  • Create NFT in a hands-on NFT workshop
  • Chance to win exclusive NFTs and GDSC t-shirts


ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! We will teach you everything from scratch. All you need is a laptop and a positive mindset.

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Apr 30 - May 1
7:00 PM (IST)


Admin Auditorium
IIIT Allahabad, IIITA Road, Jhalwa Prayagraj211012


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