Web3 and the Future of Internet

About this event

Decentralization has played an integral role in the evolution of web technology. For the sake of bringing to light a newly iterated version of the world wide web, we at GDSC IIEST bring to you a session on "Web3 and the future of the Internet".

Pushpit Bhardwaj, who is a Blockchain Evangelist, Polygon BUIDL IT 2021 Winner, and Web3 and Smart Contracts Developer, will be the speaker for this session. The focus will be mainly on topics like :

-> The transition of the Internet from Web 1.0 to Web 3.0

-> New features in Web 3.0

-> Smart contracts

-> Advantages and disadvantages of Web3

-> Examples of Web3 platforms

-> Guidelines on how to create Web3 platforms

You will also be given a basic Solidity smart contract walkthrough using Remix IDE, and as a bonus, necessary resources required to start learning about Web3 will be shared with you.

The session is to be held on 9th January, 2022; from 6:00 pm IST onwards.