About this event

Calling out to all the flutter fanatics once again!

For the third episode of Flutter Fest, GDSC IIEST has a session on Navigation in Flutter on the agenda. Like the past two sessions, we'll have Abhiroop Mukherjee as the host, who's an Upcoming Intern at Oracle and a Flutter enthusiast.

The session highlights will be:

:: Working on a todo app to create a list of editable items with help from the navigator class

:: An overview of Async Await and Future, and how to use it with Dart

:: Updating the weather app from the last session by adding checks and features, in order to take it to the next level

You'll also have a qna session at the end so that you can get all the roadblocks removed.

The session is scheduled for 15th March (Tuesday), 6 pm IST, so make sure you mark your calendars.