Intro to Provider Package

About this event

Next up, as a part of the Flutter Fest, GDSC IIEST brings to you a session on Introduction to Provider Package. Once again, Abhiroop Mukherjee, Upcoming Intern at Oracle, and a promising flutter developer, will be leading this session.

The session will pick up on the Todo app that was created on the last session, and you'll get to add some common functionalities to that such as adding a Todo or deleting one.

Apart from that, you'll also get an in-depth walkthrough on how to use "Provider" Package to manage flow of data.

As always, we'll make sure that there's enough time to have a QnA session at the end, so that you can clarify doubts and be on the same page as the other attendees.

The session is to be held on 25th March, 7 pm IST onwards.