All About Pointers

About this event

Pointers is a very important theoretical concept any programmer should know while handling memory. Though they may look complicated, they're not hard to grasp if learnt the right way.

As an initiative taken by GDSC - IIEST, Abhiroop Mukherjee, incoming SWE Intern at Oracle in 2022, is going to conduct a session on basics pointers in C/C++.

The session will mainly cover:

- Basic definitions of pointers, addresses etc.

- Need for usage of pointers in C/C++, pointer arithmetic.

- Swapping using pointers, and using that to build a type independent bubble sort algo stepwise.

- Pointers to functions, working of qsort and usage of const pointers in it.

- Things to be avoided while using pointers extensively.

The session is scheduled to be held from 7PM IST onwards, on 27th November (Saturday).

Hope you get to learn something new and interesting from this session!