Web Campaign (Day-02)

The web campaign is an opportunity to learn how to build website using HTML, CSS, Angular, Using the content provided by Google.

About this event

Hello techies,

Google Developer Student Club-IIBM is excited to announce Web Campaign 2023.

Web Campaign is an opportunity to kickstart their learning on Web Designing, and implement the learning by enabling them to build projects in real life .

Get a chance to Upskilling via curated contents of HTML, CSS, Angular on designing responsive website.

Campaign Design:

1. Introduction to HTML.

2. Getting started with basics of CSS.

3. Optimizing your Angular website.

Go ahead and RSVP for the session.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the event! Keep Learning.


  • Piyush Kashyap

    Piyush Kashyap

    Indian Institute of Business Management

    GDSC Lead

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  • Ujjwal Karmakar

    Ujjwal Karmakar


    Tech Head

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  • Zoya Ghazal

    Zoya Ghazal


    Outreach and Fundraising Head

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  • Asif Ekhlaque

    Asif Ekhlaque


    Administration Head

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  • 20 Kushagra kumar mishra

    20 Kushagra kumar mishra

    Video Production and Editing Head

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  • Sumit Kumar

    Sumit Kumar


    Design and Marketing Head

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