Flutter Forward Extended Indian Institute of Business Management-Patna

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Hello Techies,

Join us for the 2nd day of Flutter Forward Extended to explore the Next Generation of App Development.

🟥 Events Schedule 🟥

2nd session

Date: 2nd April, 2023

Timing: 6:00 to 7:00 pm IST

Speaker: Csongor Vogel (Senior Android & Flutter Software Engineer at Talabat)

Day 2

  • Understanding some advanced widget & UI components
  • Synchronous & Asynchronous programming
  • Pubspec & package integration
  • Understanding REST API calls with DIO
  • Handling JSON responses
  • Connecting Movie app UI with APIs
  • Resources for Advance Flutter

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Looking forward to seeing you all at the event! Keep Learning.



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    Piyush Kashyap

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    Zoya Ghazal


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    Asif Ekhlaque

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