Google Thursdays: Board Games II

The inaugural "Google Thursdays" event on December 7, 2023, themed "Games Day," hosted by the Google Club for Student Developers, united over 28 students for interactive games like Kahoot and cards. This initiative aims to foster innovation, knowledge exchange, and community within our institution, advancing scholarly excellence through collaboration.

May 16, 9:00 – 11:00 AM



Key Themes


About this event


The genesis of collaborative ventures often marks the inception of transformative journeys within the academic sphere. We are pleased to present the formation of a joint association and academy, a testament to the commitment of our esteemed institutions and dedicated members towards collective advancement and scholarly excellence. The inaugural event, "Google Thursdays," hosted by the Google Club for Student Developers, showcased the potentiality of unified efforts, transcending boundaries across academic disciplines. Held on Thursday, December 7, 2023 AD, this event served as a platform for intellectual engagement and collaborative exploration.

Event Overview:

The event witnessed the convergence of diverse committees within the Google Club for Student Developers, attracting active participation from over 18 female students and 10 male students

Event Theme: "Games Day"

Under the thematic umbrella of "Games Day," the inaugural Thursday activity underscored the significance of fostering a culture of innovation and intellectual exchange. This thematic exploration heralded a series of weekly activities aimed at promoting interdisciplinary dialogue and academic enrichment.


The objectives of our collective endeavors encompass a spectrum of scholarly pursuits, including
  1. Facilitating Communication and Harmony: Creating avenues for open dialogue and collaborative synergy among club members.
  2. Promoting Technical Knowledge: Providing platforms for the dissemination and acquisition of technical expertise and domain-specific knowledge.
  3. Encouraging Knowledge Exchange: Cultivating a culture of shared learning and experiential exchange, fostering intellectual growth and innovation.
  4. Developing Professional Skills: Offering opportunities for the cultivation of essential communication and leadership proficiencies vital for success in the professional landscape.
  5. Fostering a Sense of Community: Nurturing a cohesive and inclusive community where individuals find belonging and support in their academic pursuits.

Number of Participants:

The inaugural event witnessed robust participation, with over 18 students in the female section and more than 10 students in the male section actively engaging in the activities curated for the occasion.

Activities Held:

From interactive Kahoot games to engaging card games, the event provided a platform for intellectual stimulation and social interaction. Attendees also enjoyed the camaraderie of shared refreshments, further enhancing the convivial atmosphere of the gathering.


As the inaugural "Google Thursdays" event concluded, the echoes of collaborative endeavor and scholarly discourse reverberated throughout the academic community. The event catalyzed fostering interdisciplinary dialogue and forging enduring connections among participants. With its successful inception, the event lays the groundwork for future initiatives aimed at advancing scholarly excellence and fostering a culture of collaborative innovation.

We extend our gratitude to all participants and stakeholders for their contributions towards the realization of this collective vision. Together, let us embark on a journey of scholarly exploration and academic advancement, guided by the principles of collaboration and intellectual inquiry.


  • Maram Alshammary

    Developers Committee Leader

  • lama Alwalan

    GDSC Lead

  • Nourah Alsheddi

    Media Committee Leader

  • Shaykha Aldawsari


  • Bashayer Alghamdi


  • Bassam Alghamdi

    Media Committee Member

  • Abdulelah BIn Obaid

    Podcast Committee Leader

  • Shahad Fahad

    HR Committee Leader

  • Lama L

    Activity Committee Leader

  • Dana Alshalan

    (IMSIU) Universty

    Activity Committee Member

  • Taif Alsufiani

    Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University

    Activity Committee Member

  • Mohamad Alghamdi

    Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University

    Activity Committee Member

  • Madawee Hathloul

    Secret Keeper

  • Lara Alqasyer

    Imam Muhammad bin Saud University

    Activity Committee Member

  • Nora AlSalem

    HR Committee Member

  • Roaa Khalid Aljarboa

    Podcast Committee Member

  • Munirah Alqabani

    Activity Committee Member

  • Muteb Alnemer

    Activity Committee Member

  • Abdulla Nader

    Activity Committee Member

  • Ruba Al.shamrani

    Developers Committee Member

  • Faisal ALkherayef

    Activity Committee Member

  • Raghad Mohammed

    Media Committee Member

  • Talal Abduldaem

    Podcast Committee Member

  • Nouf Khaled AlHomoud

    HR Committee Member

  • Ghaida Althaqib

    Podcast Committee Member

  • Hind Abdullah

    Design Committee Member