GDSC Football Championship

13534, Y, Riyadh, 13534

Football Championship united male members across clubs for a spirited match. Goals included enhancing engagement and fostering camaraderie. With approximately 65 attendees, the event facilitated teamwork and healthy competition, catering featured Mojitos, Juices, and Snacks. The winner was crowned with Google’s Best Team Championship Trophy. Catering featured Mojitos, Juices, and Snacks.

May 3, 2:00 – 8:45 PM



Key Themes


About this event

The Google Developer Student Club organized an engaging activity titled the "Football Championship," which brought together male members from various clubs and committees to compete in a friendly football match.


  1. Strengthen club engagement: Increase member involvement and enthusiasm by organizing a high-energy event.
  2. Strengthen the sense of belonging and community among participants by facilitating interactions and teamwork through sports.
  3. Offer members a chance to participate in an enjoyable and dynamic event beyond the scope of routine club activities.


  1. The football match drew a considerable turnout from club members, fostering greater interaction and collaboration across various clubs and committees.
  2. Improved teamwork skills: Through collaborative efforts on the football field, members developed their teamwork skills, including coordination, cooperation, and strategic thinking, which could be applied beyond the sporting context.
  3. Cultivated a spirit of healthy competition: The championship successfully fostered a competitive yet friendly atmosphere, encouraging participants to showcase their skills and strive for excellence while maintaining sportsmanship and respect.
  4. Prize: Google’s Best Team Championship Trophy which went to the winning team.

Number of Attendees: Approximately 65

Key Visitors: President of the Student Council as well as Committee and Club leaders.

Giveaways: GDSC Mirrors, Qualification boards.

Catering: Mojitos, Water, Juices, Snacks.

Sponsors: AlQimma Stadiums, Almarshd Holding, and ARCO Human Resources Co. 



Friday, May 3, 2024
2:00 PM – 8:45 PM UTC


  • Maram Alshammary

    Developers Committee Leader

  • lama Alwalan

    GDSC Lead

  • Nourah Alsheddi

    Media Committee Leader

  • Shaykha Aldawsari


  • Bashayer Alghamdi


  • Bassam Alghamdi

    Media Committee Member

  • Abdulelah BIn Obaid

    Podcast Committee Leader

  • Shahad Fahad

    HR Committee Leader

  • Lama L

    Activity Committee Leader

  • Dana Alshalan

    (IMSIU) Universty

    Activity Committee Member

  • Taif Alsufiani

    Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University

    Activity Committee Member

  • Mohamad Alghamdi

    Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University

    Activity Committee Member

  • Madawee Hathloul

    Secret Keeper

  • Lara Alqasyer

    Imam Muhammad bin Saud University

    Activity Committee Member

  • Nora AlSalem

    HR Committee Member

  • Roaa Khalid Aljarboa

    Podcast Committee Member

  • Munirah Alqabani

    Activity Committee Member

  • Muteb Alnemer

    Activity Committee Member

  • Abdulla Nader

    Activity Committee Member

  • Ruba Al.shamrani

    Developers Committee Member

  • Faisal ALkherayef

    Activity Committee Member

  • Raghad Mohammed

    Media Committee Member

  • Talal Abduldaem

    Podcast Committee Member

  • Nouf Khaled AlHomoud

    HR Committee Member

  • Ghaida Althaqib

    Podcast Committee Member

  • Hind Abdullah

    Design Committee Member