Bunyan Charity Web Development Workshop for the orphans kids

Bunyan Association, Alhaditha, Riyadh, 12468

As part of Global Volunteering Day, the Google Developer Student Club (GDSC) at Imam Mohammed Bin Saud University organized a practical workshop called "Introduction to Web" at the Bunyan Charity Association for Orphans. Many university students kindly gave their own devices for the children to use.

Nov 20, 2023, 12:00 PM – Dec 20, 2023, 7:15 PM



Key Themes

FlutterUI / UXWeb

About this event

The workshop area was set up by distributing and setting up the devices, installing the necessary programs, and organizing fun activities after the workshop. The children had a fantastic time creating their very first personal websites during the workshop. It was an exciting and inspiring experience that sparked their interest in programming and web design.


Once everyone gathered together, the children were given clear instructions on the basics of programming and websites. They showed great enthusiasm for the subjects and put their newfound knowledge into practice by creating their own websites with the guidance of the mentors.


At the end, the children were recognized for their participation in the workshop and received certificates from the club as a token of appreciation, along with gifts enclosed in bags specially designed by the club.


Activity goals:

- Fostering a culture of continuous learning and computer literacy among children between the ages of 8 and 14.

- Attaining a fundamental understanding of web concepts and acquiring its essential skills.

- Raising awareness about the significance of technology in various aspects of daily life.

- Cultivating a spirit of volunteerism and information sharing among club members, with a particular emphasis on making community contributions and promoting the values of volunteering.


Activities held:

- X O Game (Tic Tac Toe): The game’s design incorporates the Google identity, where players compete on a board consisting of nine squares to form a line of three consecutive symbols.

- The Cups Game: In this game, players race to build a unique pyramid structure using a set of cups, the objective is to finish as quickly as possible.

- What's Inside the Box? Game: The box contains a pair of glasses, a medal, a small teddy bear, and lipstick. The challenge is for the player to put their hand inside and guess its contents.

- Instant Camera: This instant camera provides a photo-capturing experience for children, allowing them to keep instant photos taken during the event.


Prizes and Hospitality:

- Rubik’s cube

- Bubbles

- Fidget Spinner

- Lunch box

- Jigsaw puzzle

- Tablets

- Playdough

- Pizza

- Cake

- Club-branded stickers



The workshop organized by the Google club at Imam Mohammed Bin Saud University, in partnership with the Bonyan Charity Association for Orphans, was a resounding success and an inspiring experience. The children had the chance to learn about website design, and the workshop stood out for its creativity and active participation. The children enjoyed developing their own personal websites and were honored with certificates of appreciation and gifts, adding a special touch to the event and contributing to a valuable and educational experience



November 20 – December 20, 2023
12:00 PM – 7:15 PM UTC


3:54 PMIntroduction to programming
4:24 PMLunch Break
4:54 PMEnd of Workshop


  • lama Alwalan

    GDSC Lead

  • Bashayer Alghamdi


  • Maram Alshammary

    Developers Committee Leader

  • Bassam Alghamdi

    Media Committee Leader

  • Abdulelah BIn Obaid

    Podcast Committee Leader

  • Shahad Fahad

    HR Committee Leader

  • Lama L

    Activity Committee Leader

  • Dana Alshalan

    (IMSIU) Universty

    Activity Committee Member

  • Taif Alsufiani

    Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University

    Activity Committee Member

  • Mohamad Alghamdi

    Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University

    Activity Committee Member

  • Madawee Hathloul

    Secret Keeper

  • Nourah Alsheddi

    Media Committee Member

  • Lara Alqasyer

    Imam Muhammad bin Saud University

    Activity Committee Member

  • Nora AlSalem

    HR Committee Member

  • Roaa Khalid Aljarboa

    Podcast Committee Member

  • Munirah Alqabani

    Activity Committee Member

  • Muteb Alnemer

    Activity Committee Member

  • Abdulla Nader

    Activity Committee Member

  • Ruba Al.shamrani

    Developers Committee Member

  • Faisal ALkherayef

    Activity Committee Member

  • Raghad Mohammed

    Media Committee Member

  • Talal Abduldaem

    Podcast Committee Member

  • Nouf Khaled AlHomoud

    HR Committee Member

  • Ghaida Althaqib

    Podcast Committee Member

  • Shaykha Aldawsari

    Media Committee Member

  • Hind Abdullah

    Design Committee Member

  • Mershid Alenazi

    Activity Committee Member

  • Bader Alanazy

    Activity Committee Member

  • Abdul-Azeez Abdu-Samii

    Developers Committee Member

  • Tala Saad

    Podcast Committee Member

  • Zeyad Mouawad

    Activity Committee Member

  • Reema Albishri

    Design Committee Member

  • Reema Aldabass

    Podcast Committee Member