Introduction to UI/UX Design Using Figma - Let's Begin the UI Development | GDSC ICCS | Flutter 2023

UI /UX Design is an important Part of Front End Development . Working on Flutter UI/UX design is an important part to be known on The Session On UI/UX Design Covers the Fundamentals and provide an Idea of How to use Development tools like Figma With Industry Standard in developing Front End of any application from scratch. The Entire Session is going to be a Beginner Friendly Track

Mar 12, 2023, 2:30 โ€“ 4:00 PM



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About this event

Flutter Camp 2023 is a Joint Initiative by Google Developer Student Clubs of ICCS College of Engineering and Management Thrissur With IES College of Engineering and Jyothi College of Engineering .The Flutter Camp 2023 is conducted as a part of flutter Extend. During the Workshop the agenda is to provide an beginner level track idea to Flutter and build Some Projects Using This

UI/UX Design is the most important part of developing any Application . A Better and efficient UI is necessary for any application to be a great success. And Now a Days UI Have a great importance . During the Session The main focus will be steps that we need to be taken and procedures while working with UI /UX and What are the various ways we can improve the UI /UX Design

During the Session Figma ,A Tool that been used is also been introduced where you can be building your User Interfaces for Your applications at a convent.

The Entire Session is a Beginner Friendly Session and Open to all and Everyone

We Request Everyone to be part of The Event



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