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Engage with us to become a developer in the making!

Heads up! Could this be the start of something new?

Are you an android fanatic? Got some ideas to build dope applications? But don’t know where to start? We agree, there is too much misleading information on the ocean of the Internet but fret not!

You’re in good hands. Developers Student Clubs presents, Android Study Jams!

Become an Android Developer and Learn how to build Android apps in Kotlin using this online curriculum with a study group. ASJ is for people new to Android. If you’re new to programming, the Android Basics will show you how to build simple Android apps using Kotlin and Android Studio. Again, no prior programming experience is necessary.

Divided into two tracks, Beginners and Intermediate, choose as you fancy, starting with the basics of Kotlin, dive into the Android Kotlin Fundamentals, learn about UI layouts, app architecture, data storage, connecting to the network, and best practices for Android development.

What else is in for you?

•Virtual badges on Google Developers profile on completion of each unit of the course!

•Certificate of Completion signed by facilitators after completion to add to your CV/LinkedIn.

•Selected apps will be showcased in blog format or on social media!

•And Tracks for Android Study Jams!

If you’ve got any difficulty or doubts with the course you’ve always got experienced team members from DSC for you to reach out to, we will soon be hosting a session exclusively for Android Study Jams!

Click the link below to explore the Android Study Jams:

It’s never too late to start over, or start again, never too late to become better!

Good luck and Cheers,


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