Trends in Cybersecurity

"Your system is hacked" Oops! We have heard this line several times in movies and in real life as well. To have a clear idea of how to secure your information we have planned an event on *TRENDS IN CYBER SECURITY* You will learn about the job roles in cyber security, about the infosec community, the power of Linux, and much more.

About this event

Cyber security is important because it encompasses everything that relates to protecting our data from cyber attackers who want to steal this information and use it to cause harm. With cybercrime damages projected to exceed a staggering $6 trillion by 2022, it’s no wonder banks, tech companies, hospitals, government agencies, and just about every other sector are investing in cybersecurity infrastructure to protect their business practices and the millions of customers that trust them with their data. The demand for cyber security employees is increasing at more than 3 times the pace of the rest of the IT job market, and 12 times the pace of the general job market. Current cybersecurity staffing shortages number between 20,000 and 40,000. This personnel shortage will likely remain for years, or possibly even decades into the future. 

Join us and get to know how to kickstart your future in the Cybersecurity field