Robotics x BHI

A robotics course for beginners

Feb 16, 4:00 – 6:00 PM



Key Themes

Open Source

About this event

 a journey into the realm of hardware and electronics with our hands-on course! From basic components like breadboards and LEDs to advanced elements such as transistors and relays, delve into the world of electronics and power your projects with batteries. Learn Arduino programming language, master inputs/outputs, explore IF conditions, loops, functions, and more. Engage in practical Arduino projects like traffic light controllers, smart home systems, and digital clocks. Culminate your learning by designing robots—build Bluetooth-controlled, line-following, and obstacle-avoiding robots. Unleash your creativity and engineering prowess in this comprehensive hardware, electronics, and programming experience!


  • Rana Sakr

    Google DSC BHI

    Robotics Engineer


  • Yassen Ramadan


    GDSC Lead

  • Esraa Elsayed

    PM - OC - Head

  • Fatma Ahmed


  • Ahmed Ehab Kouraitem


    TC Co-Head

  • kareem esam

    TC Co-Head

  • Menna Essam

    AC - Head

  • Abdelrhman Helmy

    M&M - Head

  • Maryam Mohamed

    AC - Vice Head

  • Ziad Eltourkey

    PR - Vice Head

  • Aya Ragab

    PR - Head

  • Habiba Tarek

    OC - Vice Head

  • Ahmed Eid


    Core Team Member

  • Rana Sakr


  • Yara Mohamed

    M&M - Vice Head

  • Mohamed Ellakany

    Gdsc bhi

    Core Team Member

  • Noor Serry

    Google Developer Student Clubs Higher Institute for Engineering and Technology - Bihira

    Core Team member

  • Omar Fahmy


  • Mayar Fahmy

    Core Team Member

  • Yassien Ehab

    TC-Co Head

  • Ahmed Abdelrazek

    TC-Co Head

  • Abdelrahman Metwally


  • Abdelrhman Darwish

    GDSC - Higher Institute for Engineering and Technology - Bihira

    Core Team Member

  • Abdullah Elrouby

    Core Team Member

  • Mahmoud Bakr


    Core Team Member

  • Abdelrahman Ammar

    Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology in Beheira

    Core Team Member

  • abdallah ammar

    Core Team Member

  • Moataz Elhendawy

    Core Team Member

  • Abdelrahman Abdelwahab

    Core Team Member

  • Abdulrahman El Hussary

    Pexel Team

    Core Team Member

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