Hacking Demystified

Heritage Institute of Technology, Chowbaga Road, Kolkata, 700107

Heritage Institute of Technology - Kolkata, India

"Hackers. Surely you've heard of them. But have you ever seen the reality about them? What they have done, what they do? Join Satadru Roy and Divyanshu Raj as they show you a small part of hacker history, reveal some of the techniques that hackers use and demonstrate a live hack in this Session."

Feb 12, 9:30 – 11:30 AM

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Key Themes

Machine LearningOpen SourceSolution Challenge

About this event

We are hackers. We use a black terminal with green font. 

But is that all we use? 

What does hacking really look like? 

Does it look like how the movies portray it, or does it look like those YouTube videos which we have all searched for at one point in our lives?

Welcome to Hacking Demystified, where we answer all these questions for you.

In this session, we will discuss some ingenious and funny hacks that have happened in the past, then get an introduction to Computer Networking concepts and some flaws therein and finally, you will witness a live hack where we break into a WiFi network, teaching you how to do so as well (for educational purposes of course ;)

Join us as we shatter misconceptions, ignite curiosity, and empower you to explore the boundless horizons of hacking.

Venue:- SV Auditorium,Heritage Institute of Technology

Time:-  3:00PM

Note: This event is only meant for Heritage Group of Institutions.



Monday, February 12, 2024
9:30 AM – 11:30 AM UTC


  • Satadru Roy

    Cyber Security Lead

  • Divyanshu Raj

    GDSC Lead


  • Divyanshu Raj

    GDSC Lead

  • Sumit Bhuia

    Android Lead

  • Akash Kundu

    AI/ML Lead

  • Bhavya Jaiswal

    Frontend Lead

  • Rajdeep Sengupta

    Cloud & DevOps Lead

  • Soumyadeep Bose


    AI/ML Associate

  • Ashutosh Jha

    Flutter Lead

  • Satadru Roy

    Cyber Security Lead

  • Poulav Bhowmick

    OpenSource & Outreach Lead

  • Priyanshu Pilaniwala

    Competitive Programming Lead


    Blockchain Lead

  • Rohit Ranjan Singh

    Full Stack Lead

  • Ankush Roy

    Frontend Associate

  • Biswajit Ghosh

    Backend Lead

  • Sattwik Das

    Backend Associate


    UI/UX Lead

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