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GDSC Core Team (2022-23) intro session Harcourt Butler Technical University, Kanpur

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About this event

Google Developer Student Club's Core team which has diversified as University's 101th Year Team, has arrived afresh to address the aspiring tech enthusiast inside each one of you.

Get ready for an engaging Orientation session!



  • Harshit Sharma

    Harshit Sharma

    GDSC Lead

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  • Ishita Gupta

    Ishita Gupta

    Harcourt Butler technical University

    Android Lead | Community Outreach

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  • Abhinav Awasthi

    Abhinav Awasthi


    CP Lead | Event Management | Community Outreach

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  • Raj Gautam

    Raj Gautam

    Web Dev Lead | Community Outreach | Content

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  • Aastha Chauhan

    Aastha Chauhan

    Harcourt Butler Technical University

    AI/ML Lead | Event Management | Design

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  • Amartya Yadav

    Amartya Yadav

    Harcourt Butler Technical University

    Open Source Lead | Community Outreach | Marketing

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