Introduction to Git & GitHub

Hamdard University, Gadap town, Madinatul Hikmah, 07466

Unleash the power of Git and GitHub: Ever lost track of code changes? Struggled to collaborate on projects? Fear not! This workshop unlocks the secrets of Git and GitHub, your keys to organized code and seamless teamwork.

Jan 3, 6:00 – 8:00 AM



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About this event

Master Version Control & Collaboration: Intro to Git & GitHub Workshop

In this session you'll Learn:

Conquer version control: Learn how Git tracks every change, saving you from version chaos.

Embrace collaboration: Discover how GitHub connects your code to the world, enabling teamwork and sharing.

Master the basics: From commits and branches to pushes and pulls, get hands-on with Git commands.

Unleash your code's potential: Explore GitHub features like issue tracking, pull requests, and code review for professional workflows.

Boost your tech skills: Gain a valuable edge in today's tech landscape, impressing employers and collaborators alike.



Wednesday, January 3, 2024
6:00 AM – 8:00 AM UTC


6:00 AMIntroduction
6:30 AMGit Basics
7:00 AMGitHub
7:30 AMHands-on Exercise
8:00 AMConclusion


  • Ibtihaj Saleem

    Google Developer Student Clubs

    Web Dev Lead


  • Rahema Waseem

    Hamdard University

    GDSC Lead

  • Iqbal Uddin Khan

    Hamdard University

    Deputy Manager IRD


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  • Rahema Waseem

    Hamdard University

    GDSC Lead

  • Shaikh Abdul Sami

    Hamdard University

    Web Dev Lead

  • Ibtihaj Saleem

    App Dev Lead

  • Muhammad Raheel

    Photography Lead

  • Muhammad Areeb

    Internal Events Lead

  • Cadet Abdul basit Abbasi


    Content Lead

  • Faria Zeeshan

    Marketing Lead

  • Huzaifa Shaikh

    External Events Lead

  • Hanzala Hafeez

    Graphic Lead

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