HackFest 2022

IBA Main Campus - Saddar Karachi, 75290 - View Map Habib University
Sat, Jun 11, 2022, 1:30 AM (PKT)

About this event

This event, Hackfest 22, will be hosted at IBA, City Campus, Karachi, on 18th - 20th March, and is powered by ByteCorp.

The hackathon is incorporating Google Solutions Challenge which is to build a solution on at least one of the 17 UN SDGs, using at least one of the Google Technologies. Participants will have the chance to get mentorship from industry experts and turn their ideas into businesses. Not only this, there is a cash prize up to 100k for the winners!

If you are driven by the passion of creating in business, innovation or technology, you should join a hackathon at least once in your lifetime to understand the real power of co-creation.

Participating in a hacking marathon is an experience that changes, above all, your mindset. There are few things need to be clarified before moving forward.

Why participate?

It’s the best place to learn, teach, challenge, test, and share everything! Ideas, technologies and methodologies. Hackathon is for those who believe that through collaborating, we can transform.

Technology communities give us the feeling of not being alone. You will find people who can help you grow in your careers, learn something new, help with a problem and best of all: you will find friends.

We all live in social bubbles, whether in the: family, university or at work. “Getting out of this bubble” will facilitate you to have new looks about old problems and thus create new solutions.

Even if you don’t win the challenge, having a prototype developed during a real (and often proposed for large companies) challenge is a great way to show off what you are capable of.

What to do now?

Form a team of at least 2 members (maximum 4), and register here.

Pick at least 1 UN SDG and think of a solution.

The solution should be built by using at least one of the Google Technologies (Android, Flutter, Firebase, etc).

Work on your idea and write it down.

Record a video (can be a recorded presentation) explaining what your product will do and how it will solve the problem.

Submit it on the Devpost portal by 13th March.(Optional for now)


Saturday, Jun 11
1:30 AM - 1:35 AM (PKT)


IBA Main Campus
Saddar Karachi75290